The Problem

What's wrong with traditional websites?

The average website contains 5 to 20 pages, with reams of content throughout. From any page, your visitors can reach several other pages. You can have 20 visitors on the website and each one heading off aimlessly in different directions.

Some may leave for the About page, others browse through your product listings and a few read through your blog posts. Unfortunately, many fail to find what they’re seeking, leave and never return. Not ideal when you’re trying to sell them something.

So what can you do about it? How can you drive your users to become leads and sales?

The Solution

An Online Sales Funnel will fill your pipeline for you while you do less and sell more

We specialise in designing and building online sales funnels, a new breed of website that works for you as a 24/7 sales person collecting qualified leads, booking appointments, and making sales efficiently and predictibly by leading your prospects through a logical automated process.

An online sales funnel will help put your offer in front of the right people, around the clock.

The Results

Focussed Traffic + Relevant Content = Maximised Sales

We know that even the most perfectly designed funnel won’t do much good without  traffic. We also know that focussed traffic that represents motivated buyers directed towards content that is relevant and demonstrates your authority converts better!

We believe that a well managed and well organised paid advertising strategy is the best way to gather qualified traffic that we funnel-through to your relevant landing pages and guide your visitors towards an enquiry or sale.

Let WD do the hard work for you. We’ll construct your sales funnel from scratch.

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We'll create you a sales funnel that will turbo-charge sales of your premium products.

We offer a FREE strategy call up to 1-hour in duration where we can give you valuable advice, teach you about online sales funnels and learn more about your business’s products and services. Use the booking calendar on this page to select a suitable date and time.

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Questions & Answers

A sales funnel is a mapped-out visual representation of your sales process that guides you through how you will help people learn about their problem, solve their problem, and ultimately lead them to make a purchase of your solution product or a service.

A sales funnel obviously looks like a funnel, but it is important to know the different sections of the funnel and what you need to do during each stage to pull people further down your funnel and towards a purchase.

We map out every step of your current sales process from beginning to end so you know what it takes to make a sale, then we simplify what we’ve learned, and we establish what we need to build to make an automated and high converting funnel for your business.

Sales funnels are used to plan and automate your sales process. Once they are built they act as a way to educate your audience, identify good leads, and ultimately convince your audience that your solution as the best option to fix their problem.

By making the written plan and mapping out your sales funnel, you are making a solidified plan on how you plan to sell. You are also able to see the big picture of your sales process, and collect data and optimize along the way. Having no plan is a plan to fail. Sales funnels are the plan you need to succeed.

A funnel is a series of pages that are linked together to form the path you want the visitor to take in the journey towards a qualifed enquiry or sale. There are many services that allow you to build that path yourself, however they have a time-consuming learning curve and run a large monthly fee.

At WD we plan, design, write sales copy, build, test, host and monitor your funnel. We quote on a project-to-project basis and the price is all-inclusive. There’s no hidden fees and your first year’s funnel website hosting is FREE!

Sales funnels are focussed, they don’t present 100s of possible journeys that end in your potential customers from getting frustrated, ill-informed or bored. Sales funnels capture qualified leads, collect enquiries, educate and inform and gives very few points of failure.

It varies depending on the sales funnel strategy you would like to use. One might decide to start from landing page – sales page- campaign – newsletter – automation.

Contact us for a free 1-hour strategy call to discuss the potential of introducing an online sales funnel for your business.

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