Is your company logo up to scratch?

You’ve done your homework, figured out who your target customer is and who your brand is and you’ve filtered all of the information into one neat little logo. Let’s put it to the test.

Does it work in black and white?

It can be easy to get carried away with a fantastically creative logo, and the creatives amongst you might love a good colour palette, but have you considered if your logo is recognisable on those occasions where colours may be restricted due to printing processes or being featured in places where you have less control over the colours. A strong logo will ideally work in one colour on the occasions it needs to.

How small can it go?

Sometimes a logo may need to be scaled down for use on different products or promotional materials. Check the measurements your logo works to as a minimum. With the increased use of brands on social media or with their own apps, it is good to check if your logo works in a small square or circular format. For this reason, it’s common to have two versions of a logo, a full logo for regular use, and a further simplified logo form for those other instances.

Now you see it now you don’t

No, it’s not a magic trick, a good logo will be memorable enough for people to recall after a glance, or maybe even attempt to redraw it without it in front of them. Now that’s real magic.

The one with the…

Following on from the last point, make a memorable logo by keeping it simple. This means instead of being the logo with too many features to remember be the logo with the ONE thing to remember. The Apple logo is the one with the apple. The Google logo is the one with the coloured letters, the twitter logo is the one with the bird. What is your one thing?

Just ask!

This step might sound straightforward and is so simple that many overlook its value, but asking for the opinion of others on your logo is tricky to get right. While your designer will be able to produce a professional logo and has an expert opinion in the field of design, however, it is also essential to test on your target customer, how does the average person without design training view it? Do they know what it is? What feelings do they associate with it? Consider professional vs end consumer opinions carefully.

How do you test your logo?

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