Hi, Luke here from WD – The sales funnel marketing agency. 

When I tell anyone that “I run an online sales funnel marketing agency”, I’ll either get the response of “oh cool” followed by the swift death of the conversation, or they’ll say something like “What even IS an online sales funnel marketing agency?!”.

Many of my peers, family, and fellow business owners have known me for some time but haven’t stayed up to date with my business-life and make the assumption that I am still a freelance web designer (that was some years ago now). When a friend asks me “You’re a web designer aren’t you Luke?” my answer is “Yes” with a “but!”.

Not knowing any better, people will often recommend me and my company to others as a web designer they know. Although I appreciate this and we get the occasional web design project from these leads, it’s not where me and my team provide the most value.

For some time I have been trying to think of a way to convey to people exactly what my business does, who we work with, and what results we achieve – the latter being the most important aspect in my opinion – so, I’ve decided to document the explanation right here in a blog post, so I can get it all out of my head and try and land on a solid overview of what WD does!

Win, Win, Win

Before I realised WD needed to re-position as an online sales funnel agency WD was a traditional digital marketing agency and marketed in the traditional way (sit, hope, and wait for clients to ring the phone).

Having spent over 10 years working in digital agencies in roles from web designer to business development manager it made sense to continue working in the way that I had previously even though my experiences in these environments had been mixed to say the least.

The traditional digital marketing agency model was going okay, but I felt we were getting lost in a sea of noise. These days every man and his dog claim they can build a website and provide digital marketing services for practically nothing and it can be difficult for customers to discern the difference between a professional supplier and a low-budget supplier.

I knew that WD gave extremely good value for money and return on investment, but the only way our potential customers could know this, they’d have to be our customer already (a bit of a catch 22).

Something had to change.

For me the difference needed to be clear, I decided we would no longer be a digital marketing agency simply peddling web design services, branding, and eCommerce websites, instead we’d become a consultancy-first agency advising clients on how to increase conversion rates for THEIR business, always being mindful that each business and industry is different and a cookie-cutter approach wasn’t going to provide the kind of return on investment that our customers are prepared to spend good money on.

We would provide bespoke consultancy, research and strategies on a case-to-case basis creating plans that we could deliver to our customer and advising them on how to harness the power of online sales funnel techniques to improve their marketing and internal processes.

WD has also made it a core value to not sell or advocate SEO contracts but instead to enlighten our customers with the truth and showing them that implementing our unconventional but highly effective approach to paid advertising (PPC) and content creation are better than throwing thousands a month away to so called search engine optimisation companies.

Repositioning WD from web design to online sales funnel marketing was more of a coincidence than a long researched decision. It was definitely time to change-up what we were doing when marketing our own business and conveying to people what WD does for its customers because it seemed more and more that businesses either already had a website, didn’t value design, or they’d been left with a bad experience from a previous web supplier leading them to believe we’re all the same. We’re not, and I needed to make sure that was clear for WD to grow.

I reviewed the websites and projects WD had worked on for its customers over the previous 3 years and tried to pick out the projects that represented, profit, enjoyable experience, compelling results, and happy customers.

The more I looked the more I realised that the projects matching this criteria weren’t fully-blown brochure or eCommerce solutions but were actually the sites that were small in scale with an extremely focussed purpose with one or two clear call-to-actions for the visitor.

That’s right, our best websites weren’t websites, they were online sales funnels!
With these projects I had found the sweet-spot, each and every one being a win, win, win situation.

  • Win for WD, because we got to work with a good client who valued our input on a profitable project
  • Win for our customers because our work, strategies and advice would lead to results that would increase their bottom line and prove return on investment
  • Win for my customer’s customers because they could quickly, efficiently and safely navigate their way to the product or solution they need.

And so, WD the online sales funnel agency was born, we changed our messaging on our website, we turned our website into a funnel itself so we would practice what we preach and we started to run ads and write content around our new approach and services.

Over time, I perfected our onboarding process and the different ways our customers can work with us and me and my team now work like a well-oiled machine.

Since re-positioning to an online sales funnel marketing agency

WD has been making some great sales and leads through paid ads and organic SEO listings, I believe our success for our search engine listings is because we follow best practices in regards to onsite optimisation and then we are sincere with our content and it’s relevant to what we do, we don’t outsource our writing, we don’t buy backlinks and we don’t do any blogger outreach, we use natural language (we don’t speak like robots), we don’t try to game the system and rank on google through any kind of SEO techniques, we just write about what we love to write about and the rest comes “organically”.

We’re reaching top positions for sales funnel marketing related search terms effortlessly, the search volume for these, especially in the UK are very few compared to the US however each lead that comes through to us on such a specific search phrase is pre-qualified and they convert at a rate of 90%+. The leads are indeed less frequent but low-cost and high-quality!

We apply this very same approach to our customers businesses, generating leads with a combination of specific keywords, specific ad copy and specific landing pages. These 3 things alone can be the difference between building a big audience who you can sell to time and time again or blowing your ad budget and getting nothing in return.

What is a sales funnel marketing agency?

I can’t tell you exactly what it is, it’s very new as a concept and very few agencies position themselves in the way that WD does.

What I can tell you however is that WD is results-driven, we believe that perfect shouldn’t get in the way of good and we give impartial advice that is bespoke and developed on a case-to-case basis.

Yes we build websites, We do branding, Write email campaigns, Run PPC campaigns, and dare I say it, do some form of SEO

These are merely devices however that we use in the execution of a properly researched and developed strategy.

Should you work with WD?

If you’re looking for a cheap website designer, we’re probably not a good fit. Every new customer goes through a mandatory strategy and planning phase. If you just want a website and you don’t want any advice, you’ll probably be better off going to a local or offshore freelancer.

If you want to work with a results-driven agency in developing a strategy that you can have executed by said agency or have the option to use a budget web designer to execute then you’re in the right place!

We offer strategy-as-a-service writing a complete digital marketing plan which either we can carry out for you or you take away and execute yourself or with another supplier.

You can start benefitting from online sales funnels marketing strategy within the hour

WD offers a FREE strategy session either on the phone or via a zoom call.

There’s no obligation and you could implement our free advice immediately and begin to get results without spending a single penny.