SEO Agency in Birmingham

Dear valued reader...

…Please do NOT hire an SEO agency in Birmingham (or anywhere else) until you’ve read this letter!

This letter will clue you up and prepare you in your journey to finding a local SEO partner who will actually provide results (sales & leads) instead of smoke, arbitrary stats, and excuses…

You will thank us later, I’m sure! 🙏

Let's get something straight...

…SEO doesn’t create sales, great products and services do.

Now don’t get me wrong, SEO when performing well can often take credit for the sales that subsequently take place…

…BUT, if the product or service is rubbish, even a #1 position on Google for “Best widget in Birmingham” will only lead to:-

  • Disappointed customers
  • Poor reviews
  • Bad word of mouth
  • Demands for refunds
  • A tarnished reputation

SEO is merely one marketing strategy that puts your products and services in front of the right people who are actively looking to buy them…

…SEO is not a magic bullet for success!

Unfortunately, businesses mistake their lack of sales as a side effect of lack of exposure…

You have to ask yourself, if people who are on the market for my product/services knew about my business and my business’s products and solutions, would they buy?

If the answer isn’t an honest “YES!” don’t spend a single penny on SEO yet!

If you or anybody you know has worked with one of the many SEO agencies in the UK, you’ll probably recognise these traits.

  • They take your money
  • They claim they can help “ANYBODY!”
  • Tell you how “Google has changed the algorithm again” and undone all the hard work
  • Ask for high-five for positions and rankings rather than sales and leads generated
  • Don’t spend any time assisting with important aspects such as landing page design, copywriting and integrations

With that said, Please, Please, only work with an SEO company if your product or service is spot on and your customers agree!

Great Products + Motivated Buyers = Sales

So, do you actually have a good product or service?

Don’t just say yes for the sake of it, look at your sales, ask your customers. Review your sales processes.

When you sell your product or service, do you have to convince people to buy?

If so, how difficult is that sale?

Do you have to spend a lot of time explaining the features and benefits or does your reputation and product speak for itself?