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Are you looking for a web design which will improve your daily visitors or sales in the market, or attract customers towards your site? Are you looking for top-notch web design services in Birmingham? If so, then you’ve landed in the right place. When it comes to web designing services, we are the top-notch web designers in Birmingham. How?

We have one thing which is better than a whole lot of websites…

The Online Sales Funnel

The website might be an attractive choice to make, but it takes a lot of time and energy which can be avoided. A website has many pages and way too much data, which means your customers will likely be bored scrolling from pages to pages on a normal website. To take things up a level and bring something new to get the attention of your viewers, you need to find a different approach which is not only easy to read but absorptive and concise. Enough for customers to be attracted or engaged in.

Web design is a very vast field. One can easily go from selecting different designs to a very simple page depending upon the way they want. People use different strategies to identify their businesses and stand them out among the other business on the internet. Some have layout changes; others use different graphics, some are good with their content, etc. in this way, if you are selling a product online. You need an outclass web design.

The problem with websites

Birmingham, being one of the big cities, has one of the most demanding needs for website designing because of the amount of flourishing business ideas. Many people want a website for their product or business which put them in line with so many other business owners wanting their personal website.

However, is a website enough in this era? Does it guarantee your potential customers’ attention? People are becoming more prone towards achieving faster results. They want the whole thing in less time with the minimum and easiest information provided. Websites have become ubiquitous, and because they are so common, they have lost their charm for attracting or surprising new potential customers. This is where sales funnels come and why we think they are more effective than standard websites..

“Online Sales Funnels are a way you can direct potential clients towards a set goal such as purchasing a product, making an inquiry or joining your mailing list. It is a new, better marketing tactic to sell things.” 

Normal websites have also become boring. There are so many pages and lengthy blogs which may confuse a potential customer be confused and leave because of the lack of proper, streamlined, funnel to offer a clear path on what they need. People every day are switching to sales funnels because they know that sales funnel has much more to offer and that they stand a better chance at their product being sold out. Sales funnels are designed to make you money instead of a conventional website where your visitors have to scroll through so many pages and might not end up getting what they need.

This is the main difference there is between sales funnels and websites. With a sales funnel, you identify the website visitors and buyers, and the funnel focuses on all the visitors and tries to turn them into buyers by various tactics thus giving your website a whole new chance at sales and growth. A sales funnel is designed to bring you leads, sales and prospects through your website.

It’s a four-step process

If you own a website which is getting a good amount of organic visitors but few sales, a sales funnel you can lure your customers to the product in four steps:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

There are different ways in which sales funnels work. For instance, they target your inbound audience (organic audience) as well as outbound audience ( through PPC) Sales funnel is one of those marketing agents who never sleeps and is always there to do the business for you. Even as you sleep, a website could be anything but not specifically centered on giving you sales by adopting various strategies.

To further ease your understanding level on the difference between sales funnel and a website, we have made a table, so that you can better choose which one among both is the best.

Sales FunnelWebsite
Works by focusing on salesFocuses mostly on Information
It is concise, to the point, giving customers what they want to hear.There are more than one pages and may leave a confused buyer even more confused thus slacking him away from sales
A single direction (sales)Far too many choices (pages)
Step-by-step tactics involved (streamlined call-to-action pages)Does not have a buying path on one page
Direct and clear (ensures sales)Content-focused (doesn’t assure sales)

Though a sales funnel may seem like an easy job. It requires strategy and planning to come up with the best sales funnel to ensure results. There has to be step-by-step strategic planning and proper web design, which is branded and attactive to customers. You can avoid all the brainstorming easily get all of the work done by hiring a web designer who will look after everything for you. Just like when you make a website. Experienced web designers are very good at their work and will give you everything you need in a sales funnel.

Web design company Birmingham

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Find out how a sales funnel can help you

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